Manufacturer Reps Opportunities


In addition to product excellence and differentiation, we offer protected territories with unique, creative and exciting commission structures.

The protected territories will benefit your business by allowing you to grow your area, increase your revenues and enjoy the long-term profitability from annuity streams of consumable products without the worry of infringement from others. This also means that your sales professionals can focus on what they do best – sell product!


Exclusive Selling Opportunities

Many of our products were designed and developed because of the intuitive research conducted by our innovation and marketing teams. Our companies are continuously exploring ways to improve our product lines and to find new product development opportunities to address consumer and industry problems, like the problem of unhealthy air in today’s hair and nail salons.

Our air cleaner product line was improved and a unique selling opportunity and market segment was created when we developed a new proprietary chemical and odor filter to address the toxic chemicals used in nail and hair salon products.

With a strong focus on innovation and product development, our companies strive to bring you that competitive edge and exclusive selling opportunity.


International Expansion

We’ve already experienced and overcome the challenges of bringing products to over 40 countries around the world.

If you’re interested in expanding your sales team internationally with either newly developed or existing products, our worldwide network of professionals is available to help you in every way from marketing materials to compliance and regulatory requirements.

Our team of professionals will make your company’s objectives a reality.


Training & Product Support

All product lines are totally supported through expert training programs using both print and online resource materials. Training and product support programs are designed to jumpstart your product knowledge so that your sales professionals can sell product and increase the profitability for your organization.


Annuity Incomes

Many of our durable products require the replacement of consumable items including air and water filtration items used by both residential and commercial consumers. Our After Market Replacement Filter program provides a full line of replaceable water filters, air filters, and vitamin C filters that fulfill your customer’s needs at a competitive price and offer your organization lucrative profit margins.

The sales of these after market products represent an opportunity to earn a substantial income annuity that keeps on giving.