Dear Manufacturers Representative:

Thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to contact us about our opportunities for partnerships with your Representative Organization.

Please let me introduce our companies. We are a “Product Rich” Business Group composed of a number of experienced and innovative companies. These companies are all controlled by a management unit under the auspices of Amherst Tanti Industrial Center. The member companies are:

These companies operate from a number of production & marketing facilities both in the USA and Canada. We export to over 40 countries around the world and some of our corporate family members have been leaders in their business segments for over 80 years.

We have a portfolio of products that are unique and offer large opportunities for sales representatives such as your organization. The specific product opportunities are shown in the briefing material enclosed with this letter. Our product strategy is to develop products that are durable and long lasting, that provide a lifetime of use to our client groups… None of our products are disposable or designed for short-term satisfaction by our clients… We build and distribute long-term efficient solutions.

Our compensation plans are designed to deliver continuing income to your sales group year after year. We are interested in long-term relationships and we support our products and provide extensive training for your sales people. We are experts at motivation and recognition programs… We believe in rewarding those that deliver exceptional results.

If you are interested in supplying your customers with effective and durable solutions to their needs then please review the materials herein and contact us with a proposal and an application to join our team of selling partners.

I look forward to hearing from you. Together we can build a rewarding partnership.



Kirk W. Foley
Chairman & CEO
Amherst Tanti Enterprise Inc.