Getting Started

Our Experience & Expertise

We’ve been successfully managing the development and distribution of indoor air quality products in the direct sales and specialty markets since 1928, and in the aerospace, medical and high-performance engine industries since 1954. And, we continue to build upon our rich history by growing our durable product lines through innovation and quality processes.

Our achievements include international ISO Quality Certifications and FDA Class II Medical Device status. Through ISO quality standards, we’ve earned military and government service contracts. Additionally, we are a primary manufacturer and supplier of quality components for Canada’s contribution to the Space Vehicle Program including the Space Station and Canadarm Remote Manipulator.

Our product line with Class II Medical Device status guarantees our customers a reliable and durable product, and assures our sales professionals of products that are profitable and easy to sell.


Our Marketing Group & Its Expertise

Our marketing group is the driving force behind our brands. We pride ourselves in working hand-in-hand with our sales representatives to make sure messages are precise and on target.

From advertising to interactive websites and training materials, our marketing group is capable of providing the support needed to help you sell our products.


Our International Experience

There are inherent challenges with selling product worldwide: regulatory guidelines, compliance issues, and language/culture differences… just to name a few. We’re experts at introducing and maintaining products around the globe.

Our international experience includes product offerings in over 40 countries. That’s a benefit to you if you’re interested in expanding your sales team internationally. And, our network of professionals is available to help you in every way they can.